We believe that theoretical knowledge is only half-baked. Our students practically apply what they learn in their classrooms in these state-of-the-art labs. These classes also help the students beat the tedium of their bookish knowledge along with an innovative way to learn. Here, the young minds are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses.

1. Computer Labs 

We have more than 35 networked computers that are a part of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. As we follow ‘One Child One Computer’ policy, we have building laboratories for the junior, senior and pre college students.

2. Three Audio Visual Laboratories 

These labs aid students in absorbing the concepts they have learnt in their classrooms in a better manner. Fully equipped multimedia facilities are a great help to students for making and showcasing presentations to an audience.

3. Smart classes

Equipped LCD projectors to make learning more exciting and lucid for the students besides enabling multi-learning, improving academic performance of students and enhancing teacher’s effectiveness. 

5. The Mathematics Labs 

The Mathematics Lab brings out the brighter and more thrilling facet of the subject. Students deal with applicative aspects of learning mathematical concepts. Independent and original thinking is encouraged through the ‘learning and discovery’ approach to arrive at conceptual understanding of abstractions. 

6. Composite Lab

The School has a well equipped Composite Science Lab. This laboratory is well equipped to conduct experiments as per the syllabus of CBSE. The lab is periodically upgraded to fulfill the requirements of the curriculum. Students have facilities to perform experiments, to measure data and to analyze results so as to match their practical observations with theoretical knowledge.

7. AI Tinkering Lab

RPS began making its presence felt via its academic set up and cocurricular activities. Since teaching cannot be
limited to text books and black board, for learning has transpired educational activities to break the monotony of ‘black and white’ world by transforming it into a spectrum it into a spectrum of colours, giving children an
opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non academic abilities complementing ‘Art of living and working together.’

Since we are living in a fully globalised world in which more people than ever are connected via web, ICT has become akin to oxygen nowadays, it is used to meet, play and learn. Having a feather to its cap, the school has
earned a name by installation of AI Tinkering Lab in the school.